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12-04-2017 05:40 AM
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When I created a staff list for tracking hours on a field project, I wanted to use the selection from the list of names to then make two further questions visible.  According to Esri Support, this is not possible.  The relevance statement can do mathematical expressions and key off simple responses such as yes/no.  However, it does not have the ability to setup a cascade response if any name is picked from the list.  To me this would be solved by adding a wildcard ability to use for the trigger in the relevant statement setup.

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Hi Kenny,

Can you provide the exact condition requirement you are trying to implement?  This should be possible - the values of a selection list can be used in functions for comparison.



Thanks for your interest!  By condition requirement, I'm thinking you mean the desired result?  If so, I'm providing for a project manager up to 10 staff information data captures.  When a name is selected for the first slot, two more hidden input options present.  In this manner, the screen is not cluttered with potentially 30 input options at one time.  There is the header information capture options, followed by the staff selections.  To avoid a lot of clutter I'm wanting just the header capture followed by 10 staff name drop-downs.

The attachment represents what tech support was able to suggest to clean the interface up somewhat.  However, the user has to know to open the additional information sections in the begin/end group.

Hope that makes sense!  Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!


(**Okay - I thought we could insert files here.  Not sure a picture will help, but will add.)


By condition requirement, I meant 'when x is selected y is shown'- from the description, I was imagining a list of pre-defined names the manager was selecting from.

In the situation I see in the Excel sheet, it looks like this would be best modeled with a repeat - Repeats—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS .  The Staff Name, More Details, Comments, and Total Time Worked would be in the repeat.  You could have a question before like "How many staff worked?" to control the number of repeats.

Status changed to: Implemented

Additional calculation functionality was added to choice_filter in Survey123 3.11.