Wheel Date spinner back to 1900

02-04-2021 11:18 AM
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My name is Paul and I am having issues selecting a date prior to 1946 on the Survey123 Field App

Could you provide the ability to scroll to years prior to 1946 using the year spinner when answering a date question? I am developing an app using survey123 to input information on elderly and vulnerable people in our community. A number of the people participating in this initiative are over 80 years of age with some who are quite older.

I put in a call to tech support and they recommended that I submit my query as an idea to ArcGIS Ideas. With people living a lot older now, it may be appropriate to allow for capture date maybe up to 100 years of age???

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Hi @PaulCreaner1  thanks for raising this idea! This is certainly a valid use case.

Note that while the spinner only goes back 75 years, you can also use the forward & back arrows to change the year, which will allow you to go back further:


Best, Jim