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Time of Day Submissions for Surveys

07-15-2021 03:03 PM
Status: Open
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Hi Everyone,

I was curious if there was a way to permit the submit a survey time to be a daily option. eg. Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. Currently, this is not possible, (at least to my knowledge & experience 🙂 ) as the survey is set to be open or closed between two set dates+times. My idea would be to allow this to be dynamic to help schedule survey times more robustly for different applications. The ESRI UC just ended, and it had a set schedule. Instead of going back and updating the survey status times between Session schedules as they change day to day, having an overall schedule would be more efficient. 



I'm interested in the usability of this and perhaps it will have some interest in the community. What are everyone's thought?

Best regards & Happy UC!