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Survey123 Tracklog of Fieldworker

05-03-2022 04:34 AM
Status: Implemented
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Several clients frequently use Survey123 for field surveys that require an accurate measure of effort and/or area covered by fieldworkers. Having the ability to create a tracklog or polyline that starts when a fieldworker starts a survey and ends when they submit would be extremely helpful to achieve this. 



This is in beta now.  Check out the early adopter program.  See 


We have received numerous requests to support the ability to stream locations in geotrace and geoshape questions as you move around. This previously required the user to manually capture a new vertex at their current location by pressing the button each time. Vertex streaming allows the user to essentially record their movements, placing vertices at set intervals configured by the survey author. Additional vertices can be captured manually by the user at their current location by pressing the following button


Hi @DougBrowning 

Thank you for pointing out the early adopter program and the ability to stream locations in geotrace. I have given it a test and I will post on the beta testing forum as well. Exciting new feature!

Albeit a step in the right direction, there are limitations that others may be interested in that dont allow it to be used as a tracklog or to measure the area covered by fieldworkers.

  • In our user cases, the user would need to carry on filling in questions on the form with the geotrace running in the background (including  geopoint questions in repeats) and from what I can tell this is not possible.
  • It is not possible to pause or add new locations to a stream geotrace i.e. a trace while the fieldworker is moving, pause, fill out other questions, and then carry on streaming when moving to a different location.


Status changed to: In Product Plan

Hi. Thanks for your suggestion. Including location sharing capabilities in ArcGIS Survey123 is in our road map. Location sharing allows field workers to share their location with the ArcGIS organization. In this way, their last known location can be monitored through a dashboard or web map and their track-logs analyzed.

The new streaming tools we recently made available in the Early Adopter site have a different purpose: They allow the end user to create a line or polygon as they move.

One key difference between location sharing and streaming tools is that location sharing is designed to work in the background, while the user is completing the form.


@IsmaelChivite thank you for explanation and I am looking forward to the location sharing capabilities!

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you @JamesTedrick, this is great news!