Survey123 Rich Text Field Type

09-09-2019 06:13 PM
Status: Open
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Problem: In Survey123 I have cases where users often want to copy and paste rich content into a text field. This includes things like links, images, symbols, tables, charts, formatting etc. But there appears to be no Rich Text field type yet in S123 Connect or Web.

Solution: Allow for the creation of Rich Text field types in S123 Connect and Web forms. I've got no idea how feasible this is but if you don't ask....

Why do we want this: In situations where efficiency is key, such as public safety, this would make it much quicker and easier for users to upload content from various sources and mediums (social media, email, text, web, other apps, databases, documents) to Survey123 regardless of content type or formatting. In public safety this would strengthen S123's ability to be the central repository for intelligence, not only collected directly using S123 field app and web forms, but also as the tool to collate all intelligence into from any source.

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In order to support comments being gathered in surveys conducted across FGDC agencies and deliver that content into Feature Reports for publishing to meet various requirements, having rich text formatting available, or copy and paste that would retain formatting would save significant time resources and improve the quality of the published reports.