Survey123 Reports in XLSX Format

03-12-2021 11:54 AM
Status: Open
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We currently have the ability to use a word document to create a report template and generate reports off of it and be exported as either a word document or a PDF. 

Can we get another option to create a report template as an XLSX file and have the reports generate the formatted XLSX file.

This would be very beneficial for building different templates for different users off of the same dataset without having to export as excel or csv and then reformatting the file every time one is generated.


@JamesTedrick I support this request. It would be very helpful to format the report in excel to create custom spreadsheets. Their is currently an option to "export" to Excel or CSV but it is a raw unformatted data dump, which is useful in its own right so please do not remove that ability. Just add a new option for the actual "report" format to be Excel as well.



I need it.

My clients ask me for this too, >98%.



This would be extremely useful and is a very common request. I know it can be possible to use services like PowerAutomate to pull data into spreadsheets, but I think it would be an extremely beneficial addition to allow for report templates to be XLS format as well as Word documents.


This type of feature report would be very beneficial when working with complex formulas.  Instead of building the formula into the S123 itself, or calculating in post, user's feature report templates can include those calculations in them.


My Team and I really need this functionality, we can't wait :).



Yes, we need the xls format.