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Survey123 photo compression and keeping a full size copy

06-18-2020 08:42 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

We enable photo compression to simplify reporting and prevent long delays in record submission with lots of photographic evidence. When we enable a restriction on photo size, compressed photos are stored in the feature service and on the device as expected. This works 99% of the time but we have noticed that sometimes at the reporting stage we really need a higher resolution image in order to review in more detail. Unfortunately when taking photos when in the app only the compressed photo is saved and there's no alternative but to go back out in the field to review an item again.


A workaround we tried was to take a photo on the phone’s camera and then upload it into the app. This retains the higher-quality photo in the camera folder, and the picture quality is reduced when attached to a record in the app. This at least allows us to use the higher quality photos for our report but requires a lot of time post-processing that would be good to avoid.

Is it possible to store full size images on the device when taken through the Survey123 app and compress on submission instead? Or would it be possible to have a tickbox in Connect to enable storage duplication of photos captured via the app so that an unrestricted and compressed image is stored?