Survey123 - Multiple choice selections as separate entries not comma separated list

01-30-2022 04:24 PM
Status: Open
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Currently, if a user selects multiple options in a multiple choice list, this will result in a comma separated list of all selected options. This does not work well when presenting the results in a dashboard. Preferably, all the selected options would be added separately and therefore present more cleanly in a dashboard.


You can either have 1 field with comma separated values or use a repeat and have multiple rows.  Where would the data go otherwise in the database schema?

Data Expressions should be able to do what you want.  This one has a example just like you want 


If you're working with a dashboard i'm sure it's possible to use an Arcade expression with something like a split function to return the seperated data as you need. 


Idea: In your Survey123 design, you can add hidden fields (one for each option in your list) to keep track of which choices were selected. The technique is described in this blog:

Check the selected(question, value) section


@ZoeBroek You can do this with Survey123 Connect, but not with the web app. Unfortunately we do not have access to Connect. 


@IsmaelChivite Thanks Ismael, unfortunately though I don 't have access to Connect. I was hoping something similar could be an option for the web version of Survey123. 


@JessicaRouns I'm sorry I meant define the expression in the ArcGIS Dashboard itself. If you load in data you can use a data expression which uses Arcade.