Survey123 Map Points - Scale Level Constraint

12-31-2018 08:07 AM
Status: Open
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survey123 design

It would be nice to be able to set a "point collect scale" constraint on the map in a survey.  This would constrain users to collecting their location at a more accurate location.  For example: Allow survey designer to limit a point collection to a street, city, county, state or regional levels.  The user would have to zoom in to a certain level before it would allow them to collect their location.

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This is very important. In addition to supporting data accuracy requirements, it would help prevent a user from inadvertently changing the geopoint location when scrolling down through the questions. If they happen to use the scroll button while the cursor is over the map, they have just moved the location - and there is no undo.

Specifying a zoom threshold would help ensure that the user can only set/change the location when intentionally trying to do so.

This would be possible using the new geopoint constrains if there was a way to pull the current map zoom level for use in an expression.