Survey123 Forms in Enterprise using Feature Services to allow Views

03-12-2020 09:53 AM
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I would really like to see the future functionality of Survey123  to allow for a viewer/ stakeholder view of the data when used with feature services from our own Enterprise database.There are a few reasons for this. 

We used to use Survey123 Connect to publish Survey123 forms as hosted feature layers in our Enterprise Portal. This was fantastic since we could have stakeholder views, and people who belonged to the privileged group could also go onto the Survey123 website, analyze results, and print feature report templates. 

This changed when we started experiencing small hiccups with our Enterprise portal. We had a few instances where we had known problems for the day and the data that had been collected was virtually lost because of these hiccups. This had the potential to being very bad if it were a large collection day.  We take backups of our Enterprise portal every night, but there is not a good way to retrieve Survey123 specific data from the black box we call the datastore. Being on the call with a few ESRI techs, it was determined it would be a large undertaking and take significant resources to be able to retrieve data we weren't even sure made the backup that evening. Additionally we learned that anytime we do an upgrade on our portal, Survey123 forms that are hosted feature layers are unusable during the upgrade process as data will not be saved during that time. - according to this white paper they said to keep important data as enterprise data instead of hosted data. Our data is coming from SQL databases that are backup nightly. We have done a few tests using feature services with Survey123. We like that the data is being backed up to our SQL database and therefore should not become lost if a hiccup arises within the Enterprise Portal. 


The issue comes with the Survey123 website when used with Enterprise. A stakeholder view can not be created when a feature service is used. Without the stakeholder view only the owner of the Survey123 form can use the website to analyze the results, create feature report templates or export items from the Survey123 website. 

As the creator of many Survey123 forms using Survey123 Connect for agencies that we support, I really want to give the agencies the power to review the data that is being collected for their specific projects and I especially want them to have the ability to generate Feature Reports from the templates I created for their projects. If this can be done using feature services in the future that would be ideal, so we could ensure data is not lost and is backed-up in SQL database, while affording them the same functionality for hosted feature layers.  

Thanks for your consideration.


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