Survey123 Export Specific Fields to Excel

09-10-2021 05:59 AM
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In most of the surveys that we design there are several fields that are only used for calculations or conditions in the survey form. These fields are not useful for the user who wants to export the results of his survey in Excel with the Export tool from the Survey123 website, and can even be confusing. It would be nice if the exported fields were the same as the visible fields in the attribute table, which can be selected using the drop-down menu.


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Fully support!


Indeed, it would be nice to be able to filter the fields exported in Excel!


If you're just using them for steps in the workflow, rather than final data, you can set body::esri:style to null.

This will have all your of your calculations work as intended, but when the survey is submitted, all the intermediate steps marked with null in their style won't show up, leaving only the data you care about.


Esri custom columns—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation


In the webmap or webapp if you hide fields then export it will respect that.

If you export from ArcPro you can hide fields as well.  In Pro you can also use the Export to Excel tool and do things like name the field with the alias and export domain values.

Hope that helps.


I fully support, because we need to export the results of our survey in Excel to develop a help tool for our partners using Survey123 Connect, but several strange fields like: 


 appears when we export the survey in Excel. It would be nice if the exported fields were only the fields created in the survey. 



Fully support this. I have three surveys built off of one feature layer, and my clients do not want to see the fields for the other two surveys when they want just the fields for one -- it makes the exports overly cumbersome and confusing for end users. They are not familiar with Esri products, so do not know how to export from Pro/Web Apps, and prefer the Survey123 interface. This would be a great enhancement!