Survey123 dates: set calendar display to a default date without filling the field

03-24-2022 02:07 AM
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Good afternoon Survey123 friends,


For surveys that records things that happen in the past, or that will happen in the future, would it be possible to deploy a calendar appearance that displays the default calendar centered on a particular focus period rather than today?


The leading idea is to avoid setting a default date (which fills the field), with a date that could potentially be wrong & ignored bu the user, but just to view the calendar centered around the proposed date ; "just" tweak the default appearance to make data entry quicker.

  • The appearance would then take a mandatory parameter that is a set date on which to center the calendar.


My first use case is belated entry of pick-up and delivery dates:



  • The delivery happens a few days after the pick-up date.
  • Catch: the pick-up date is often recorded months afterwards (the rush period not allowing paperwork transmission from fieldworkers to admin assistants for data entry).
  • Centering the delivery date calendar on the pick-up date would very much ease data entry

The case is described in the related Survey123 question here, which found no answer.


My second use case relates to  entry of dates in the future:

Our experts inspect features in the field, and record management guidelines to the clients.

When the management contains an action and a proposed delay for production, we would like a calendar centered on a date preceding the end of the production delay to remind the business development unit to prompt the client to order the works.

The calendar appearance would be very helpful here too ; the 'central date' parameter could be calculated as 'completion date minus 3 months', for instance.


Many thanks for any help (and for upvoting this idea !! 🙂 )


With kind regards,




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This might work for you, you need two fields; days to comply and date to comply.

Calculate now() + ${DaysToComply}*24*60*60*1000

Which says today's date + the answer to DaysToComply *computer date calculation


Choices tab: We don't work on weekends, so the name reflects 7 days a week, but the end-user sees 5 days a week.


Let me know if you need help.

Michelle ~ Survey123 Jedi


Hi @MichelleWilliamsERM Michelle,

Many thanks, this is a good idea to circumvent the expressed need ;).