Survey123 bug: dates in February are not retained, but changed for dates in March

08-30-2022 02:25 AM
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Hi Survey123 friends, users, and developpers,

On of my users points out a defect in date collection, in the Survey123 FielApp (whether mobile or PC): entering a date in February replaces the date for the same date in march.😯

Correcting the value allows keeping the correct date in February, as long as the field is not emptied using the cross at thr right-hand-side of the field:

  • correcting the filled field retains the value,
  • but a new value collected in an empty field is systematically erroneous


I attach a video of the observed defect.


I observe this behaviour only on Survey123 apps (Field App and Survey123Connect): it does not occur when filling or designing web forms.  (However, a form designed with the web designer and that is filled on the field app will have this behaviour).


Tested apps include:

- Field App on PC (64bits, Windows 10 21H2) , v. 3.15.156 & 3.13.246 ;

-Mobile App (android 11), v3.13.246 and v3.15.156

-Survey123Connect: v3.25.175



Attached a simplistic Survey123 Connect form XLS with the one date field.


Many thanks, ESRI-Team for your forthcoming action on this issue!


With kind regards,



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This strange behaviour has stopped after a few weeks, as unexpectedly as it started, and our Survey123 went back to normal.

No explanation why - it just happened. 👻