Survey123 autocomplete search option

02-20-2020 06:42 AM
Status: Open
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Autocomplete searches anywhere in the string, not just the first letter.  It would be better if there will be a modifier to the autocomplete appearance where one can decide what  mode to use.  I would like the option to use  autocomplete from the first letter. For example, if I type "Ba", I want to see "banana" and "Basil", instead of "xyzBa", "banana", "Basil".

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(Inspiration from this post)


Yes, this is how we need things to work in our apps most of the time.


Yes, I need to have this as an option as well, please!


Very keen on this as an option - I want the auto complete search to be used across a group of variables - - for example searching for a bird using a range of options such as common name, species name (along with taxonomic synonyms), family and order (it would be good that which ever option is selected, will then automatically pre-populate the preceding taxonomic sections). 


Yes, it  would be very usefull!


Having the option to search entire string or strictly from the beginning is absolutely needed!  I would add that the current behavior is different than what Microsoft has had implemented for auto-select for years, which autocompletes from the beginning on the string.


This is a no brainer, the option to search from the start of the string is really something that should be implemented, in a lot of cases searching anywhere in the string just makes no sense whatsoever.


I agree. This should be an option in the XSL file.


I agree.  I vote that esri escalates this function.


Please add this as an option. It would make survey forms much easier to use for field workers in my organization.


I'm also waiting for this option. It makes sense, especially when you work with a very long list and you need to decrease the number of search results. It's a bit annoying for users if they type 3 or 4 characters and still can see dozens of options.