Survey123 App - Add the ability to spell check

04-01-2019 05:02 PM
Status: Open
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There are no spell checking capabilities within the Survey123 app. There are keyboard suggestions as you type within the app (in iOS and Android, not Windows) but not full on spell checking capabilities. It would be great to add some more robust spell checking capabilities within the Survey123 app (all platforms).

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This is an absolute must! I have a high number of surveys coming in daily that I am spending a lot of wasted time on editing spelling and grammar mistakes. This would save so much time! I understand that its difficult for someone in the field using a tablet or smart phone to check for spelling on a smaller screen, but having the system spell check for them would be great!

Spellcheck is available in Survey123 on Android and iOS via the OS.  Either embedding spellcheck with the app, or forcing it to use the built-in spell check in Windows 10 is absolutely necessary to make this a usable application for collecting field surveys.  The built-in settings are available in Windows 10 through Settings > Devices > Typing.