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Survey123 App - Add the ability to spell check

04-01-2019 05:02 PM
Status: Open
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There are no spell checking capabilities within the Survey123 app. There are keyboard suggestions as you type within the app (in iOS and Android, not Windows) but not full on spell checking capabilities. It would be great to add some more robust spell checking capabilities within the Survey123 app (all platforms).

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This is an absolute must! I have a high number of surveys coming in daily that I am spending a lot of wasted time on editing spelling and grammar mistakes. This would save so much time! I understand that its difficult for someone in the field using a tablet or smart phone to check for spelling on a smaller screen, but having the system spell check for them would be great!


Spellcheck is available in Survey123 on Android and iOS via the OS.  Either embedding spellcheck with the app, or forcing it to use the built-in spell check in Windows 10 is absolutely necessary to make this a usable application for collecting field surveys.  The built-in settings are available in Windows 10 through Settings > Devices > Typing.


Has there been any movement on this.  One of my users just provided feedback that this is an expected feature within their workflows.


The built-in settings for Windows 10, as described by @ScottChapman2 do not seem to function as spellcheck within Survey123, but can be used to supply text suggestions (similar to texting with a cell phone). While text suggestions may be helpful, they can also be distracting and difficult to use efficiently in the Windows 10 Survey123 field app. We have surveys with multiple 2000-4000 character text fields and having the ability to spellcheck within the survey would be an efficient time-saver.




I echo the previous comments...this is something that would be very useful. I have spent a lot of time cleaning up datasets where a simple spellcheck prior to submitting the survey could have done the trick. Is there any chance this will come in a future release? 

I have spell-check turned on for both Windows10 for the field app and on my iPad for the mobile app, but it doesn't do anything on the desktop version. The ios app will offer text suggestions as I type, but it will not highlight mis-typed words. Is there a solution as to how to force these apps to use the suggestions set in the OS?



I also could really use this feature.  I was surprised that the client mentioned there was no spell check.  I'm really surprised it's been suggested since 2019 and as far as I can find still hasn't been fixed.  Would really appreciate it if esri would make this possible.


This actually just popped up again in the office.  Why is there no spell check yet?  On a cold beach or 45 degree heat in the middle east, the last thing I want the field teams doing is worrying about their spellings as they provide updates.   


We just spent a week reviewing data from a summer of field work and having spellcheck would have saved us a ton of time in the review process.