Survey123: Add autocomplete to select_multiple questions

01-25-2019 12:43 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Adding autocomplete as an option for select_multiple questions would be very helpful, particularly for large lists where scrolling through all the options isn't feasible.


I agree.  I have a species list that is 4000 records long.  The autocomplete functionality works great for a select_one scenario but we need to be able to pick multiples in a given area.


Yes I agree also I have the same situation as above and this function would help greatly.


Thanks for this good idea, @RobertMcLeod ! My organization has the same need in a forestry context.

The aim is to pick out a list of parcels selected for forestry works.

I have a select_multiple on the forest parcels list ; users request an autocomplete behaviour to avoid loading the screen with  potentially thousands of parcel names and tick boxes.

Many thanks, ESRI, for helping us help our users 🙂


I also have plant species list that is 4300 records long and it would greatly helpful to have an autocomplete or some type of search function available for select multiple questions. 


Same here, we have incredibly long species lists in a multiple select form and autocomplete in a multiple select list would be incredibly helpful. 


Agree. Autocomplete has been requested by our team. We have species list that are extremely long to have to scroll through.