Survey123: Add autocomplete to select_multiple questions

01-25-2019 12:43 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Adding autocomplete as an option for select_multiple questions would be very helpful, particularly for large lists where scrolling through all the options isn't feasible.


I agree.  I have a species list that is 4000 records long.  The autocomplete functionality works great for a select_one scenario but we need to be able to pick multiples in a given area.


Yes I agree also I have the same situation as above and this function would help greatly.


Thanks for this good idea, @RobertMcLeod ! My organization has the same need in a forestry context.

The aim is to pick out a list of parcels selected for forestry works.

I have a select_multiple on the forest parcels list ; users request an autocomplete behaviour to avoid loading the screen with  potentially thousands of parcel names and tick boxes.

Many thanks, ESRI, for helping us help our users :)