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Survey 123 "View Draft" Option Before Publishing

06-27-2019 09:34 AM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

Hi S123 Team, 

Please consider the option to share a draft of a survey before publishing!

Many times with the current workflow we create a survey and need to pass it off to a different department for review.  In order to share the survey the survey schema must be published and solidified. Sometimes this review results in change and depending on the level of change, this can affect the existing schema. S123 is pretty good about tacking on additional fields when there's a schema change but the result is numerous archive fields that are unusable. If there were an option to share a draft of the survey before publishing creators could avoid these additional fields all together. 


I'm running into this problem as well. Without a doubt, most my changes are happening after the users have gotten a chance to use the surveys.  It's really frustrating that I risk losing the data they've already created if the changes to the survey are drastic.  I've gotten around this somewhat by creating a copy of the feature service, setting it up the way I want, and then appending the "old" set to the newly created one.  


James Tedrick‌ or ArcGIS Survey123 Team, 

Any updates if this functionality will become available?

I believe at one point there was mention of a collaboration environment for multiple users to edit a form, is this available?