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Survey 123 organise surveys into folders/groups?

06-16-2020 07:17 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III


It would be great if there was a way to organise surveys a bit better.

Currently I believe the only sort options are the standard 'by date', 'alphabetically' etc.? It would be really useful to be able to group surveys or put them into folders. We have users who are creating hundreds of surveys and some fall into natural categories such as budgets. But as it is these can be hidden amongst hundreds of other surveys and finding them is a bit long winded. 




i was just about to post exactly the same. the option to create folders and move surveys relating to these groupings would be ideal. soon as you have more that 10 surveys it becomes annoying trying to locate these if we could create folders to place surveys in you would just then need to go to the organised folder the survey relates.


Came looking to see is anyone had posted exactly this.

This would be phenomenal for Survey123 Connect, I feel like it doesn't need to change any storage location stuff of the surveys, just be a visual update to the Connect app. (That said I would love if we could store the survey forms themselves literally anywhere else other than the default location)

Same goes for the Field App, if they could be organized at all that would be fantastic, it impacts me when testing, not the end user as much though, so I'd put priority to Connect folders.


* In Survey123 Connect

No exaggeration I have >200 forms.


Yes! We need this in the web builder and survey123 connect (and honestly in plain AGOL contents, too)