Support Opacity/Transparency Setting for all of Survey's Content and Web Page Color Options

01-04-2022 01:56 PM
Status: Open
MVP Regular Contributor

When embedding a Survey123 form in another website, such as a StoryMap, it would be nice if it was possible for the background color of the main page to show through. This would help when one desires a user experience where the survey appears visually well-integrated with the rest of the page content, rather than as something separate and distinct.

Perhaps this is achievable by adding an Opacity setting to the rest of the Color options for Content and Web Page in the survey's Appearance? Similar to the existing Opacity setting for the Content Background Color in Appearance.

If the page in which you are embedding the survey has a white background, like the default Summit theme of StoryMaps, then you can achieve good visual integration by setting the survey's Web Page Background Color to white too. If you use a different StoryMap theme that has a non-white background color, like Ridgeline or Mesa, then you could also set the survey's Web Page Background Color to match. It would be simpler, however, if you didn't have to worry about exactly matching colors, and could use transparency instead so that it always matched, even if you changed themes.



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Any news on this ?