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Support attaching images to choices in Survey123 web form

04-15-2020 01:07 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor

Survey123 currently supports images to be attached to choices (e.g. in select_one and select_multiple questions), with those images stored in the media folder when creating a survey form in Survey123 Connect. The form with images can be used in the field apps. However, these images are not supported when the survey is loaded in the web form. Enabling support for these images that have been assigned in Connect, within the web form would be extremely useful, as a large target audience of our forms is through anonymous users accessing the form via a web browser. This is a big limitation on the utility of Survey123 at the moment. Supporting images would broaden the scope of what Survey123 web forms can achieve.


This is a very important need, since the mobile app version works very well but in the responsive web version it does not work and neither does the automatic calculations of fields with mathematical formulas and there are also some flaws with them repeats


I fail to understand why this was omitted.  It seem a simple option to add a "Enable Image Attachements (i.e. toggle the Has Attachments = True" in the service settings) as another option, just below the "Use GlobalID partent keys..." and "Enable sync" options, when publishing the service would be simple enough to implement...or am I missing something.