Standardise Standard editor tracking fields between Esri Products

07-05-2017 07:29 PM
Status: Open
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When Adding Editor tracking through ArcCatalog the fields currently added are created_user, created_date, last_edited_user, last_edited_date however the Survey123 Connect generated web services create a different set of fields CreationDate, Creator, EditDate, Editor.

Could we potentially look at all areas where editor tracking can be enabled across all Products and standardise this?

Ismael Chivite


Hi Nick,

Editor tracking is designed no to be locked to set field names; the ones you mention are default values. Can you provide a scenario where you need to provide alignment?  You should be able to using Field Maps and/or discovering the editor tracking field properties - see Editor Tracking properties—ArcPy Functions | ArcGIS Desktop .  Can you 


Hi James,

I understand that the editor tracking can be changed to whatever schema one prefers. I am however referring to the default fields that are added when a service is published, or editor tracking enabled on Feature classes. It seems there is no consistency between all the products on the default fields used.

It will make a lot of our set procedures and function design easier if the defaults were all standardised. Instead of having this added overhead of standardising the editor tracking if you building your schema in ArcCatalog, Portal, AGOL or Via Survey123.



Good Afternoon Nick, interesting that 2 years later I have also encountered a scenario where the "Default" editing tracking fields created by Geoprocessing Function and AGO have cause a project additional care to resolve the mismatched naming conventions. 

While there is currently an NIM098898 "The editor tracking fields for hosted feature services should be named the same as those for editor tracking in a geodatabase."   that is currently Review and NOT in the Product plan. (This is by Design). 

I don't believe this accurately describes the proposed "standardization" scenario outlined.

A Editing tracking field created in a Geoprocessing Toolbox, Those created now (w/o a geoprocessing) within ArcPro and the names created in AGO are different.

PRO (enable editing tracking) 

  • created_user (255 length)
  • created_date
  • last_edit_user (255 length)
  • last_edit_date

AGO (track the last edited)

  • CreationDate
  • Creator (128 length)
  • EditDate
  • Editor (128 length)

Futhermore the two platforms flip the Field order creation (In Pro CREATOR then DATE, in AGO its DATE then USER). 

We understand that the Tracking fields should not be held to a specific name, but if default values are generated those should be consistent between the various platforms.

Until AGO will allow for the easy reconfiguration of the TRACKING FIELDS used, the need for standardization of default values should be done.


100% agree and this is what i was hoping to achieve through this idea