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Snap to featurelayer survey123

08-17-2020 05:27 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Add the ability to snap to exisiting layer in webmap.

When using the method geoshape (method:vertex), snapping to existing layers in the web map is something that would be really useful. 

If using repeats it would be even better if you could snap to the previous objects, ofc that might be something that can´t be done, but being able to snap to an existing layer would alreday make survey123 so much more useful.

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The ability to snap to existing feature layers when creating a new object with survey123 is quite fundamental. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this today?


I need this too.

I have a survey with geopoint. And i would like to snap a point on an existing layer in my linked map used in my survey.


Just here to bump this and say I would really love this feature as well - does anyone know if it is possible/ on the road map?


I need de same...