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Setting Multiple Favorites

08-27-2016 03:48 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

It would sure be efficient to have a Survey that allowed the user to Set Multiple Favorite answers to questions instead of just having one favorite. Perhaps favorite answers could be managed like bookmarks in a web browser. The ability to have multiple favorites could really speed up filling them out.


I'm definitely missing this functionality, and I agree that having nameable favs is a must should this be implemented.

I'll add two thoughts that are somewhat related:

  • The multiple favorites could perhaps be similar to editing templates (like in Collector) and could be pre-defined by the publisher for easy access by users (my dream come true, really)
  • I have experienced issues with users defining favorites that contain GPS/geopoint information (i.e. they fill out the original form to their liking including capturing their GPS point, then they click add to favorite). Regardless of whether multiple favorites gets implemented, I'll request (in a separate idea) that users be warned when they attempt to save a location to a favorite

This would be a really useful feature.