Select Features in Survey123 Map (Geopoint Question)

08-30-2022 06:28 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Functionality I would love to see added to Survey123, especially with all the new updates to pulldata(@layer) and such is the ability to select a feature on the map and have it pass attributes to other questions in the form (e.g. an Asset ID).

I know there is the multi-app method with this using custom URLs in Field Maps or integration in Workforce, however having to use multiple apps is cumbersome for field users. I have also come across issues with coordinate conversions in this URL method that neither I or Esri Support have been able to sort out.

This is similar to a suggestion here:

But I was recommended to create an idea as well so I want to make sure it gets the support and traction to get bumped up in the product plan since Ismael has said it's in the backlog.