Enable selection and pop-ups in survey maps

12-26-2019 07:54 AM
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It would be nice to be able to select features from the Survey123 map and view a pop-up. Currently, you can created a customized basemap with map layers and view the map in Survey123. However, the map layers in the basemap act just as a reference and you cannot select them and review a pop-up. It would be helpful if the user was able to select an item in the map and review a configured pop-up, just like you can in Collector. For users in the field, being able to review pertinent information in a pop-up would help them complete the survey. 

For example, below is a custom basemap that was added to an inspection survey. The map provides a great reference to the field user but the map elements are not selectable and you cannot get any information from them. It would be great if the user was able to select an item from the map (such as a transformer) and see a pop-up of the selected item. The pop-up might provide additional information that would aid the field user in completing the survey. 




I know it involves using two apps instead of one, but you could leverage Explorer to provide more information to your users.  Using applinks you could send information to the survey.   https://community.esri.com/groups/survey123/blog/2018/03/30/using-app-links-to-launch-survey123-from... 




I thought about that and also tried leveraging doing a Collector > Survey123 type workflow to allow them to click the pop-up. However, most of field users (young and old) saw it as cumbersome because it made them have to switch between applications just to get background information. Selling them on Survey123 to complete their old workflows was an achievement and they liked the custom map where they could to see what they were surveying. However, not being able to click on the map to review pop-up information was a huge draw back.

The pop-up functionality is present in many of Esri's applications (Collector, Workforce, Ops Dashboard, etc.) and is a gigantic benefit. If it was also added to Survey123, it would make it even more powerful.




Thanks for the extra clarification it helps us refine the experience in all of our apps.



I totally agree with this idea. In fact, I did not even think it would not be possible when I started creating my Survey. The Survey I am creating was supposed to have two features that I am not able to do:
1. Select a location where you would like to put up your advertisment - I made a special map for this, where areas of different restrictions are colored differently. Because the Survey map does not have a legend I need to find a way to explain the legend separately. Also, my idea was that the user can get extra information about the land ownership (if it is private land etc) from the pop-ups - I don't want to put everything into different color scheme. I thought I can create a map and the survey points would just be extra layer on the map, but instead it is configured as a base map...

2. Select from the map about which object you would like to fill out the survey. Let's say I have 4 stands to which it is possible to put up an advertisement. I feel it would be logical, if the user can choose a feature from the map. I saw your blog about the Hydrant Management and there also I feel it would be much more logical if the user could select a hydrant from the map for which they are filling the survey. 


I need this to be a survey because the user needs to be able to fill it out on desktop, which I think is not possible for Collector (?). 

If anyone has ideas of how to make it work, I'm all ears!



is there any progress with this idea? Our customer would also welcomed the option, when adding a geopoint in form to see other points and be able to click to these points and see its pop-up.

Thank you.



Also would like to know if there's been progress made on this as well as if I can customize the pop-up info in the current survey points on the map in the Survey123 app. Thanks!


The ability to see the pop-ups on Survey123 map would be very beneficial for our organization too. Collector - Survey123 integration allows you to work around the issue, but still not perfect


Oui, je suis tellement d'accord. On a besoin des fenêtres contextuelles.





Have there been any updates on this functionality please?

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Has there been any update to adding the pop ups functionality add to S123 maps?