See previously captured features from Survey123 form within map window

01-31-2020 11:18 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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The idea is that you would be able to see all of the features being collected within the current form within any geometry/map question. Meaning, if you have a form that contains multiple geometry types for points, lines, and/or polygons, that once you have collected the feature within the form, they would show up within the map view/window when collecting another geometry based question. This functionality should expand across all geometries and repeats within the given form. This functionality would be highly desired while working in an "Offline" mode.

Use case scenario would be when creating survey transects that require the placement of survey points along the recorded transect. The idea is that you would first collect your transect (geotrace) within the Survey123 form, then you would advance to the survey point question to capture a location. When attempting to capture the survey location, you would then see the previously recorded transect upon opening the map to ensure your point is on or very close to the transect.

Another use case would be during wetland delineation activities and ensuring that the wetland sample point falls inside of the wetland while the upland point falls outside of the same boundary.