Scan a document into a record.

02-11-2022 05:21 AM
Status: Open
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It would be useful for a field tech to occasionally be able to scan a document into a survey123 record. This could provide a copy of a physical document that could be handled and formated as a pdf from beginning to end inside of the survey.


This could skip the step of using a third party to scan a document into a pdf format and then upload it and be more akin to the camera option in a survey. 


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I love this idea because when you take a photo with a phone, for in place of a scan, these [scanned] images need higher resolution than Survey123 automatically sets up for, and if you bump up the resolution, it's bumped for all photos and will increase your cloud data quicker. So, adding an option for scans (even if you take the picture with your phone) could be set up differently, so you choose the resolution for the scans and a choice for photos.

Here's the difference?
Photos are for pictures of items you are surveying
Scans are for documents like a tailboard meeting that someone else is doing, but you need proof for your company.


You can now set size for each photo.  You do it in the xls vs the settings.  See here for more


@DougBrowning NICE, thank you! I will try this!