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S123 online repeat consolidation for excel and shapefile export

12-30-2018 08:50 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It would be great if exported excel and shapefile were cleaner and easier to use... by that I mean in one table or a single shapefile... instead of multiple tabs or multiple shapefiles...

The excel export has many tabs for each repeat... which makes a lot of tail end work consolidating the tabs into one sheet... can a consolidation option be added? The problem is consistent with shapefiles as well.... when using repeats... a shapefile is created for each repeat... I have to process the shapefiles in arcgis using merge... which is an extra step... 

Please consider my idea....


Hi Nathan,

How would you envision multiple repeat records being present in the excel sheet?  With duplicate copies of the parent record data? 


Hello James,

Consolidating all repeats into one table…. And all repeats into one shapefile would simplify the outputs for analysis in my line of work….

See the attached for an example…

Basically, I collect plant data from frames along transects at a site…

So… being able to calculate cover by species at the site is the end goal….

Currently it takes time and effort to extrapolate the information from multiple tabs (repeats) in the excel output from a S123 visit….

If the data was in one table… and one shapefile…. Life would be much easier…..

It would also be awesome to have an answer repeated from one repeat to the next…. If a box was checked or something….

That way I would not have to enter in plant species names on every frame (repeat)…..

I thank you for taking interest in the matter… and I hope something comes out of the interaction….

If you have any questions… please do not hesitate to ask….


Hi Nathan,

Unfortunately, your attachment did not come through (attachments are not supported in  Survey123 uses ArcGIS Online capabilities for table export; while we cannot directly alter the export capabilities, we can bring feedback to try to improve it.


see above... I added a .png of the excel out put that is desirable....

also... you don't have to change the current output.... just add a single tab that would conglomerate the repeat information....


James... did you see the above message?

Just checking in... because I did not get a response....


Hi Nathan,

Yes, I did see the response- apologies for the delay in responding.  Thanks for providing the added detail.


You da man!