Remove entry from list after it has been surveyed

09-12-2018 05:46 PM
Status: Open
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From a dropdown list of stores to be surveyed, we would like the app to remove a store once it is surveyed and the form submitted, so that when filling out a survey we are only presented with "unsurveyed" stores. For example:


Survey has a drop down list with 3 options: A, B, C

- I arrive at Location 1 and Pick A. 

- I arrive at Location 2; my options now should be B and C only.

- I arrive at Location 3; my option now should be C only.

cc. Hamid Yunus‌, Craig Valentine‌, Bekki/Hilary Waskovich/Swain

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Since you already know what stores you want to survey, what if you tried a different workflow:

Now, when you arrive at a store, you'll see records for A, B, and C in the Inbox. Open up A, fill it out, save it. When you arrive at the next store, A should no longer appear in the Inbox--only B and C. This requires a few more steps on your part to initially set up, but should have the desired effect.


Hi Nick Dierks, for simplicity and scalability I'm sharing out the survey as a web link with no requirement for the users to install the app on their mobile devices. Not sure if that workflow would work in this case..?