Real Values When Exporting Data

08-21-2018 09:04 AM
Status: Open
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When Exporting from a survey 123 dataset, please return the real values rather than choice0.....choiceN for drop down responses. 

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Chaning the field names to the labels is very fiddley and challenging in Survey123 Connect (it is a bit easier in Survey 123 web version, yet still challenging, as in the schema in the web version as each one has to be updated individually), the same story with the selection lists (choice0, choice1, etc.), as then, I need to rebuilt the 'relevnt' field, etc. in Survey123 Connect, hence, it would be nice if the logic was 'human' (so once exported or worked with, it makes sence to humans as well as to the actual programme behind it) rather than a database/programme-based logic.