Re-ordering of Fields in Survey123 Webviewer

11-05-2019 01:27 PM
Status: Open
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I'd like to be able to reorder fields in the Survey123 webviewer.  Currently, you have to completely re-copy the service into a new one and republish with the fields in the order you'd like.  You then have to append your old data to the new service.  The problem is that all of the last edited and last user info is wiped out when you do this.  I have several survey's that we've added fields to in the form after the initial publishing, but they always end up in the right-most column of the viewer.  

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Well my EEAP tech guru suggested I could turn off editor tracking prior to do any copying/appending/etc. and turn it back on once I get the data where I want it.  This seems to work quite well.  I'd still however like to be able to situate the fields in the Survey 123 viewer based on customer requests.