PullData Function Available as Calculation for Survey 123 Online

02-22-2017 04:37 PM
Status: Implemented
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With one of the more recent updates to Survey 123 Connect, there is now the option to import previous data from a CSV file through a pulldata() function within the calculations field. This allows whomever is using Survery 123 to see relevant data for a particular field/question that may inform their survey input. I'm wondering as Survey 123 Online develops whether or not there is plans to not only include calculated fields, but if there will be the option to pull data from a CSV. As we think ahead to future projects we'd like to use Survey 123 Online more and more, but it would help to know what sort of updates/functionalities are projected to be developed. 



Hello Grace,

Thanks for submitting this idea! Could you expand upon your use of the Survey123 website as opposed to Survey123 Connect? Do you have multiple users creating surveys through the site, or is it the ease of use vs. XLS forms? Can you provide an overview of the type of survey you would create on the website, where the pulldata() function would be useful? Any additional feedback you can provide on the choice of the Survey123 website would be helpful!

When voting for this idea, please consider sharing your own perspective on the use of the Survey123 website in the development of more complex surveys, or the pulldata() function in survey creation.




Hi Scott, 

I'm coming from State Goverment and currently we have been using Survery 123 Connect in house with our staff who have usernames and IDs. We've built some rather complex surveys to date, but do find they fit our need. The limitation on this is that we can't share our surveys with different organizations to collect data directly from them. It's all done second hand. 

For a specific example, we would like to use Survey 123 online as a way to collect annual tax reports from local municipalities. Currently each municipality fills out a paper report and sends it back into the State Assessor, which can lead to errors when information must be entered again, electronically. Ideally we would like to provide a secure link to an online survey so they could enter their information electronically themselves. Given the large amount of data that is requested on each report and the fact that the data requested is related to the numbers they reported the year prior, we would like them to have the ability to see the numbers they reported last year simultaneously. This way they have a good reference point from which to enter their new data for the current fiscal year without having to pull out old reports. This sort of functionality seems best achieved through the pulldata() function.

Additionally, along the lines of calculations, it would also be nice to have some fields do simple arithmetic. For instance, it would be helpful if multiple entries for assessed values could be automatically added together to produce a total assessed value. 


We have a working model of this survey that we have created in Connect, but have been unsuccessful in converting the survey online. Our hope is that someday that functionality will be available and more complex surveys can be hosted and shared publicly. 


Status changed to: Implemented

The pulldata() to load values from a CSV file is supported in web forms