Provide Webhook Logging

05-19-2021 09:52 AM
Status: Open
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Please provide some sort of logging for payloads being sent to a webhook.  There have been instances where a payload was never received by Integromat.  It would be nice to see some sort of logging when a payload is successfully sent and if it is successfully received.



Yes please! We need at the very least a log of webhook triggers. I would also like a way to retrigger the webhook if it fails so I can get the data moving where it needs to go. Sometimes the payload doesn't show up in Integromat at all (history or incomplete executions). Thanks!


I agree with this.  I've had several issues with Survey123 not sending webhook triggers to Integromat, and I've been trying to find a way to check a log.  I'm guessing there isn't one.  If not, there should be a way to check that.  I'm sure it's logged somewhere.  


I would love to be able to audit webhooks. We have surveys being submitted by an employee using a Mac submitting the survey via the web browser which never triggers the webhook which is causing significant inefficiencies. We are using a paid subscription of Integromat.


This log would be very appreciated. It is very challenging when there is an issue with this part of the workflow because Esri says to talk to Integromat and they say to talk to Esri. This would hopefully help us pinpoint where the error actually originates.


Definitely needed with the flakey behaviour of this integration. I've actually had to write an entire new integration to check for missed webhooks because it happens so often!


Got here from a forum post about webhooks randomly not triggering at all, showing no history of the submission from Survey123.

While I think the core of the issue needs to be addressed by Esri running some checks to make sure the trigger has been sent to the webhook, adding a log for us to review to see if we can find some commonalities so we can instruct our users to avoid certain behaviours would be very helpful.