Provide Webhook Logging

05-19-2021 09:52 AM
Status: Open
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Please provide some sort of logging for payloads being sent to a webhook.  There have been instances where a payload was never received by Integromat.  It would be nice to see some sort of logging when a payload is successfully sent and if it is successfully received.



Yes please! We need at the very least a log of webhook triggers. I would also like a way to retrigger the webhook if it fails so I can get the data moving where it needs to go. Sometimes the payload doesn't show up in Integromat at all (history or incomplete executions). Thanks!


I agree with this.  I've had several issues with Survey123 not sending webhook triggers to Integromat, and I've been trying to find a way to check a log.  I'm guessing there isn't one.  If not, there should be a way to check that.  I'm sure it's logged somewhere.  


I would love to be able to audit webhooks. We have surveys being submitted by an employee using a Mac submitting the survey via the web browser which never triggers the webhook which is causing significant inefficiencies. We are using a paid subscription of Integromat.