Printing a Blank Report

11-02-2021 02:59 PM
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I use Survey123 as a way to produce online forms for our City.  I have had many of our departments wanting to use more surveys.  The only problem is that when I need a blank form in a paper copy from the survey,  I can't print a blank form.  I have not found a way to do this unless I go into word, or excel and recreate the form from scratch.  I really don't want to do this.  I think by having a template or function that will allow you to print a blank form would be great and beneficial to several that have to print a form for a non-computer user.   There could be a print button either in Survey123 Connect or Survey123.  



Depending on how your survey is set up, text boxes and the report format may be able to take just empty space bar spaces, but I can understand how this would be difficult going through to other question types. I have made blank surveys manually as you said in word based off of my custom report word doc I load in for the reports out of Survey123. It would a quick, efficient method of handing out the survey especially in poor internet access fields or for quick on the fly data collection, just printing off a dozen or so blanks for field workers or staff to fill in and turn in later. I like the idea of taking the paper form and bringing it back into your Survey at a later time if you need to take that time or perform QA/QC on the survey itself. Many people, myself included, are ok with paper in some places still and have used both paper and digital successfully. All around I agree @UtanaDye and look forwards to the discussion as it continues.

Cheers! 🙂 


Hello @UtanaDye, is it possible for you to submit an empty record in your survey ? You could then use that blank filled answer to print a blank survey right ?





I would have to go through and remove all the questions that I have as required.  Then publish it again and see if I can submit a blank one.  I would have to do that every time I want to print more.   Good suggestion but would not work in my case.



@UtanaDye, I think I went too fast suggesting a workaround.

I meant that you could try to use the 'Report' functionality



(in the Data section of your Survey123 web siteChristopheAgnes_0-1636107118792.png) on a blank record.

I tried to bypass the questions flagged as required by editing the feature service directly through the MapViewer. It seems to work fine that way and I can see a completely blank record in my data table.

I guess that the .docx output would need a little clean up but that would be less tedious than having to rewrite all of your questions. Hope that those precisions could be of any help !



I have this issue now too.  We need others standing there just to see the form.  A report has a different format.

Edit after digging into it my forms are way too dynamic to print.  Maybe if your form is super simple but most now are not.