Pass XY from feature in Collector to Survey123 form

06-23-2017 08:04 AM
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Would it be possible to pass the XY coordinates from a selected feature in Collector to a Survey123 form?  My current workflow entails selecting a feature (inlet, manhole, etc) from within a collector app and opening the associated Survey123 form through a custom URL to perform a field inspection.  It would be very beneficial to have the Survey123 point be in the exact location of the feature being inspected instead of relying on device GPS (although GPS is sometimes necessary).  I am referring to the inherent location instead of values from  X and Y fields, as this requires unnecessary overhead, i.e. auto-populate Geopoint values with coordinates passed from selected feature in Collector.



This is already supported in Survey123 - use the center parameter to specify the coordinates of a geopoint question.  Refer to Integrate with other apps—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS - note step 4 in the "Link to Survey123 field app from other apps".


I'd like this to send the coordinates from the selected objects SHAPE field in Collector to Survey123, instead of having to send coordinates from a field or type them. Will there be support for this?


Hi Christine,

In the future, this will be supported via Arcade Expressions - you can already create calculated fields based on the geometry in the web map; Collector will eventually support these fields.


Thanks James.

Do you have an estimate as to when Arcade Expressions will be supported in Collector?


Hi Christine- I don't think we have a precise timeline on that; it will be part of the new version of Collector (see for more info).

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It is possible but from collector the precision is truncated.  So a coord pair like 38.032120,-75.000504 would be rounded to at most two decimal places (38.03,-75.00).  The trick I found that works well is to pass it as a part of the url query &field:lat={lat}&field:long={long}.  The truncation issue is still there but can pass your data from one feature class to another.


Hi Carl,

You may want to check the configuration options of your fields in the pop-up - that controls the number of decimal places presented.

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I believe within my blog I was using the Lat/Long coordinate values being generated within the EOS arrow unit to set the location of the point within Survey123. this value is not truncated because the value is being passed from the High accuracy data field and not the geometry of the feature. So, your essentially passing the full value from a data field into another data field; if my logic is correct.



I would like to do this and was wondering if there has been any update since November 2017??