Option to store repeats as one-to-many joins instead of related tables

02-15-2019 09:25 AM
Status: Open
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Our client does aerial surveys of infrastructure damages in floor or other disasters. The survey form they are using includes some basic information like the "Project Name", "Project Type", "Spotter Name", "Aircraft ID" and Date, along with information specific to each observation including a Geopoint, Photo and a Damage Assessment. At the moment, spotters are submitting a new form for each observation they make in a flight, which means entering the same basic project info for each observation. I thought I could resolve this issue by placing all of the observation information in a repeat so that only one survey form needs to be submitted per flight. Unfortunately because repeated are stored in related tables, it makes display the collected data intuitively in a dashboard very challenging. 


It would be nice if rather than storing repeats in a related table, I could choose to store all of the survey information in one table with repeats joined to the parent fields. So then they would only have one survey form to submit after each flight, and that survey form would add all of the points collected to the survey feature layer and each point would have the parent info included in its attribute table.

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