Option to save photos that are taken and submitted through survey 123 onto the device used.

04-07-2021 02:19 PM
Status: Open
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Jurisdictions are submitting surveys that are including images. These images are being taken through the survey 123 app. Once the survey is submitted, these photos are not able to be exported in a timely/efficient manner.

Running the python script for exporting the feature attachments can take too long. This is because in some situations, not all attachments are needed. location based surveys may only need the attachments of one or two locations. My supervisor has used the python script for exporting the feature attachments and because of the data size, this process took 6+ hours.

There should be an option to save the photos taken as they are submitted to the survey OR an export attachments button should be included when viewing the data of the survey that was created.

This would allow for a flexibility of exporting attachments from feature layers.


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At a minimum it would be great if photos taken from within Survey123 could be saved (either optionally or by default) to the image folder of the mobile device being used.  That way they could easily be emailed as an attachment later separate from the survey.