Option to have all members in a team update "Image" field in Survey123

01-14-2021 07:12 AM
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I work collaboratively with a small team. We all contribute to a feature class created using Survey123. Each member might need to add a record, or update someone else's record. 

Currently, Survey123 does not allow users to edit other people's records on the Survey123 website:

Submitters can only access their own records.png


However, we've been able to work around this for most fields by having them update the records in ArcGIS Online. This isn't ideal, as the layout there isn't quite as nice as it is in Survey123 (e.g., they can't see hints). They are unable to update records they didn't create in Survey123 (see screenshot).

Cant edit record.png

The biggest issue we are having is that team members cannot add Images to the the Images field in ArcGIS Online. They have been trying to - but the images get added as "Attachments", which is a separate location, and the images don't show up in the image gallery when filtering for specific conditions on the Survey123 website.

Why allow users to edit some fields via ArcGIS Online, but not all of them? If I want my users to be able to edit all records, I should be able to choose this as an option - especially for such a small team.

In an ideal world, I would be able to choose an option in the "Collaborate" and "Share Survey" tabs in Survey123 that would say, "Users can add, update, or delete all records". 

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I am really needing this capability as well. I have fieldworkers taking before and after pictures, it would be really hard to send the same fieldworker back to the same place to take the after picture. That fieldworker may not even be on the job anymore. Please help with this request. Thank you!