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Notify user when Survey123 computer app update is available

01-12-2021 10:44 AM
Status: Open
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My idea is for the Survey123 field app ON A COMPUTER to automatically notify the user that a software update is available.  Currently, the update situation is confusing, because the app auto-updates on a phone, but not on a computer.  So you get used to the notion that the app auto-updates, due to how it is on the phone.  It is easy to forget that it does not auto-update on the computer.  Plus, I find it outdated, inconvenient, and trouble-inviting that you have to remember, on your own initiative, that you might need to go hunt around to see if a new version is available or not.  Having an old version can cause major functionality problems with some surveys. Thanks for considering this idea!

by Anonymous User

Hi @AllenDailey1,

On Windows, we now support the Microsoft Store for both Connect and the field app. If you install either of these via the Microsoft Store, you will be notified when an app update is available, similar to other apps, and same as how it works on iOS and Android. This is our recommended way moving forward to install Survey123 on Windows, versus using the manual .exe versions.

Currently this is not available for macOS and Linux, but something we are looking into for the Apple App Store in the future which will support apps for macOS.

You can find the Microsoft Store items here:




Thank you, Phil!

Oh, that is very good to know.  

I am so used to getting downloads from clicking on something on a website, and I have not used the Microsoft Store before.  So it's good to now have some sense of the benefit of using it.