Navigation menu in Survey123

11-17-2016 01:33 AM
Status: Open
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To create a navigation menu on the side of a survey, so when there is a long site survey, a user can click to zoom to a particular part of the survey without having to scroll for a while?

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Hello Jessica,

Thank you for submitting this idea! In your experience with long surveys, what scenarios could cause a field worker to revisit an earlier portion of the survey? Would the need to go back be better handled by a scroll bar/shortcut as you've discussed, or a‌? Any context you can provide will help us better understand the issue you're encountering where this idea would apply.

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My team's survey is also long. Because of this, I currently have the survey set up with pages relating to different themes. This would be fine if we always worked from survey start to end in a given order. However, during a potentially long survey traverse, the surveyor may want to note something relating to a particular theme. The surveyor has to guess which of the small navigation buttons at the top of the screen to press. Even if the surveyor does know which one they want, it's difficult to press on it because they are small and close together. It would be great to have a navigation menu so you can go to exactly which section you want.