Multipoint Support in Survey123

02-04-2020 06:30 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice If you could have a multipoint geometry at survey123. This way, Survey123 Web could be used to collect info (survey questions) and relate it to several points.

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I agree - this would be extremely helpful to have. We wanted to use Survey123 for a project where we are creating a Survey123 form from an existing feature service where the main layer is a polygon, and the related layer is a multipoint layer. The multipoint layer represents construction projects in a public viewer. In some cases, a project will involve multiple locations, such as multiple culvert repairs across a subwatershed and we would like to be able to depict that spatially using multipoints. We were not able to use Survey123 for this project as a result, and are having to use Forms in Map Viewers which does not have all the functionality that we need, and also has the potential to lose all the formatting for the form if a map is deleted or a service has to be completely republished.

Thank you for your consideration.