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06-02-2022 11:59 AM
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We have a case where the Inbox will be used to update existing surveys (repairs to equipment) and also for a re-check survey. Would it be possible to have 2 Inboxes where each one would have a different Inbox Query to show only Repairs Needed in one Inbox and Re-Checks in the second. Also, being able to re-name the Inbox would be ideal for this.




I had a similar issue, and this is how we fixed it:

in the settings tab, add what the inbox will show in the instance name (include the trigger the inspector will search for)

concat(${PropertyAddress},"\n " , ${Post2Stabilize}, "| ", ${Fire}, "| ", ${PostRainInspection})

This one can be searched on Post2Stabilize triggers BMP Required or BMP in Process (they only need to type in BMP)

OR PostRainInspection trigger Inspect After Rain Event

All these triggers are brought into the inbox.

I hope that helps!

Michelle Survey123 Jedi!


I use a similar approach as Michelle.

My instance names includes IF statements to describe the status of a record and change the text color based on status. I also assign a "Priority" number inside an html bracket at the beginning of the instance name in order to automatically sort higher priority records to the top of the inbox.

However, I still see the benefit of having multiple inboxes (and the ability to name them). I have a few surveys where it makes more sense to have a separate inbox, so the current solution is multiple forms to manage. For example, an "Inspection" form could have inboxes for Vehicles, Equipment, and Trailers, etc.

Even better, if we could use the pulldata() function to trigger a calculate based on which named Inbox the survey was opened from - but I am just wishful thinking here 🙂