Mark Survey123 as Webform only

06-28-2021 11:42 PM
Status: Open
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In our workflows we often require multiple Survey123 forms.

Many of the forms are setup purely as web based forms and are not required in the field or were not designed to be used in the field (many are duplicates of the field versions and integrated in dashboards for reviewing the data - with cut down functionality and web based enhancements)

It would be great if we could flag these Forms as web app only (much like you can flag a web map as usable in collector).

This would eliminate many unnecessary forms popping up in the field apps for download that were never intended for the field app

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This would be so useful for me as I also configure forms differently for web app such as edit only and different fields with different calculations compared to the field forms. I would like to see field only forms that are available to me and for the groups I create forms for so they aren't questioning which form to use for different projects.