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Making public accessible surveys not searchable

05-17-2022 07:57 PM
Occasional Contributor II

It would be great if it's possible to share surveys to the 'public' without making the survey (or the survey results) searchable.

Something like in MS365  or GoogleDOCs, where only people with the link can access and view an item.

Regarding Survey123, only people with the link would be able to open the survey.


Or an option to hide them from users or groups or your organization, for example we have a few public facing surveys that will clutter up the list of surveys on our workers devices, they would never use them when signed into the Field App though.



Making public surveys not searchable: Go to the Settings tab in the item description of your survey layer and Form item and click Mark as Deprecated. This will make the items stop showing as a search result in Note that the item will still be searchable through the ArcGIS REST API.

Hiding Public surveys from organization members: To share a survey publicly, it first must be shared with the organization. This is why it shows to every member of your org, cluttering the gallery. Something you may want to consider is disabling the Allow member to view content shared to the organization privilege.


Status changed to: Needs Clarification

I can see a valuable use case for this type of feature. We have a survey that I need to share outside my organization (to people without an ArcGIS Online login). I do not, however, want the survey nor its data being accessible through a "Google" search. This can be achieved by creating a group and adding individuals to it, but not all uses have an account through my organization. I would like anyone with the link to be able to fill in the survey, but I don't want it to be found through search engines. Even if it won't be found because of some behind the scenes internet settings, it makes my management nervous that the data might get out. An explicit setting would help put my (and more importantly my management's) mind at ease.