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Make Survey123 Inbox available via Survey123 website

05-10-2021 10:57 PM
Status: Open
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The inbox feature is awesome, and we're using it to review requests that come through to our team.

It would be great if the inbox is available either via the ArcGIS Online item description page, or within the Surevy123 website, in the same way that it is available within the Field App.

That way we would be able to edit surveys (review, and either confirm or reject the request etc.) in the browser, which would allow for more comprehensive documentation, an justifications. It also means that individuals can access the inbox without an installation request having to go through IT.  

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This is a great idea.  It's a real issue for us with a survey that uses the inbox but some users are unable to download the Survey123 app on to their devices due to restrictions placed on the devices by their organisation.  This means they can't use the survey at all.