Make Survey123 Floor-Aware (ArcGIS Indoors)

10-23-2020 11:37 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

We have many buildings with many floors and spaces where we want to be able to perform surveys.  Right now we would have to create a survey for each floor of each building.  It becomes very cumbersome when you have what are potentially hundreds of surveys.

Are there any plans to make S123 floor-aware where they may honor the ArcGIS Indoors model?  As I understand it, Field Maps will be a floor aware app where a floor picker will allow a user to choose a building and floor.  Something like this for Survey123 would be great.


I'm trying to envision what this would look like. Are you hoping to see a floor picker in the geometry capturing question?


For one - yes.. That would be a great scenario.  And, when you add a geometry (say, point) it would know what building/floor/space you are in since you used the floor picker.

Also, say you were to load all your spaces in to your inbox.   If you switched to the map, you would then be able to use the floor picker to filter buiding/floor.  Then - answer questions related to a space.


Did they make Survey123 floor-aware?


At this year's UC they listed floor awareness as something that was on the mid-term roadmap.


Okay thank you!