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Link to Page or Question in Survey123

09-29-2017 07:33 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I really love the pages in Survey123, and in one of my surveys, I have a couple of images on a page that function as a field identification guide. It would be useful to be able to provide a link that jumps to that page from other places in the survey, and I believe there are other use cases that would support this kind of functionality (like a table of contents).


Hello Ryan Gatchell,

Thank you for submitting this idea!

When voting for this idea, please consider leaving a comment to share how you would use this functionality in your own projects. Any additional perspective you can provide will help us understand any requirements you may have on this idea.




I have a multi-page at-sea bird survey in which an observer records the vessel and survey conditions on Page 1 before clicking to the next page and collecting bird data along a transect ('survey conditions' is parent to child 'bird observations'). Survey conditions include weather variables such as percent cloud, glare, visibility, etc.

Such conditions are generally stable but can and often do change while traveling along a transect, and the user must update these as required. Prompting the user with a link to the previous page to update conditions (instead of the arrow at the bottom right which is out of the main view) would be an excellent feature.