Limit total number of feature available across all survey submissions

09-13-2021 09:35 AM
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I recently had a workflow requirement where I was creating a survey that would meet the following needs:

  • Be publicly available
  • Allow survey participant to chose the a quantity of feature based off overall availability (Ex. Number of a specific tree species based off the amount of that tree type available)

The application is a tree giveaway where there are multiple landowners requesting different tree species and there are only a certain number of each tree species available; the survey needed to be able to display whether or not a tree species was available to order based off all previous survey submissions - so, in real time - and allow the landowner to be able to order based off availability. 

I know that you can making limitations within the survey itself (Ex. Only can order 1 tree per survey), but I could not come up with a solution within Survey123 Connect that would allow for real-time limitations on type of tree species available to order based off previous survey submissions.

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One can use the new pull data(@layer), to extract data from previous submissions.

I see that's available now in Web Designer, and by end 2022 in field app.