Lateral swiping in repeats

12-08-2022 09:51 AM
Status: Open
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We make heavy use of repeats and nested repeats in our field work. Often, a single repeating section will contain multiple different nested repeats, and even some of those will also contain repeats! It would be amazingly handy to be able to quickly navigate through repeat records by swiping left or right, instead of having (or in addition) to potentially navigate up and down on the phone screen to find the appropriate navigation buttons.

From my own work surveying telecom towers, I need to repeat a certain set of measurements every certain distance up the tower, and depending on what I find at each interval, some, but not all, of the measurements I make will be identical to the last interval. Other measurements of the of the same condition in one interval may differ from that condition in the previous interval. Additionally, there are multiple categories within each tower interval where the same applies, that some measurements will be identical to the last section and others may differ. Amidst potentially hundreds of measurements over the course of a day, it is important to be able to occasionally sanity-check oneself, and quickly flipping through a handful of records is a great way to make sure one hasn't been getting complacent with their measurements or to notice that there are some measurements in certain areas that should prehaps be revisited now that more data has been collected. Being able to achieve this with thumb swipes would be really great!